Ep 06: Samantha’s Surprise Breech Homebirth

Samantha's Surprise Breech Homeirth

    Samantha has had two hospital births (one medicated induction, one natural), one homebirth, and one birth center birth.
    At the beginning of her third pregnancy, she researched midwives and decided giving birth in her own space was right up her alley.  Her husband was completely supportive.
    She interviewed with one midwife and knew in her gut that this was the right fit.  She felt complete trust.
    Experienced “White Coat Syndrome” previously, but her blood pressure was always perfect with her midwife.  She feels that that shows just how comfortable she was with her care provider.
    When Sam went into labor, things progressed very quickly.  When her midwife heard her have a contraction over the phone, she got in the car and headed her way immediately.The midwife stayed on the phone with Sam for the entire car ride, as Sam was nervous that she’d have the baby without her.
    The midwife got into the room, and after Sam had one contraction, the midwife thought something was strange, so she checked Sam.
    “I don’t want you to freak out, but the baby is breech.”
    In South Carolina, breech births are not within the guidelines of having a homebirth, so the midwife did call EMS.
    The baby was safely born at home.  Samantha’s husband told EMS they were not going to transfer to the hospital, as the baby was fine.
    The fact that her midwife stayed for hours after the birth meant the world to Samantha
    Samantha shares how a sheriff showed up saying, “I don’t really need to be here, but I heard a baby was being born and I wanted to come!”
    Katelyn recalls how two men were trying to put a stretcher in Sam’s room, and she remembered wondering to herself, “What are they even trying to do that?”
    With her last child, Sam gave birth at a hospital birth center.
    The prenatal experience was more similar to her experience with the OB, though she still liked the experience.
    She was worried that she would not make it to the birth center during labor, as it takes about an hour to get to the birth center from her home.
    Sam ended up using the birth center because of the complications of insurance.
    When she reached the birth center, her blood pressure was high, and the midwife wanted to transfer her to the hospital.  However, she was progressing so quickly, she did not know whether or not they’d actually make it, so she was able to stay at the birth center.
    Katelyn mentions how the opening of the hospital-based birth center has been really great for the community, as it’s a great in-between zone for those who are not quite comfortable giving birth at home, but do not necessarily want a hospital birth, either.
    Sam recommends finding a midwife that takes the time to get to know you and is willing to build a relationship.

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