Ep 08: Molly Escobar Explains How Birth Is a Marathon- And How Doulas Can Help!

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Molly stepped into the doula world 3 years ago, after caring for her mother at her end of life.  Molly realized that caretaking was something she was drawn to, and realized becoming a doula would be a way to continue this role.

-She quit her tech job and opened up her own business, Doulamee LLC.

-Molly teaches childbirth education, both in person and virtually online. 

-She has also founded a client portal, giving a safe community for those giving birth to come and bounce ideas off of each other, as well as molly

-She brings up the “Marathon analogy” (Katelyn is a huge fan of this!): Not preparing for childbirth is like not preparing for a marathon.  You could do the marathon either way, but if you don’t prepare, it’s going to take longer, feel more uncomfortable, you might have to walk some or even hitch a ride, etc.  If you prepare, your muscles know what they’re doing, you aren’t surprised, and you can get the job done faster and with greater ease.

-She focuses on bringing the birthing partner into the fold of birth by having their job be to stimulate birth hormones and get the birthing mother in the correct frame of mind.

-Molly discusses the difference between a doula and a midwife, and why having a doula, even when giving birth at home, is very useful for the family.

-She goes in depth about what constitutes a good birth plan, especially at home.  Molly mentions how important it is to have a good, positive space prepared at home. 

-She discusses preparing for any potential changes in the plan: the unpredictability of birth, and how to bring the home to the hospital if that were necessary.

-Molly discusses the use of the rebozo in a number of ways

– She details her postpartum doula work:  How they debrief from the birth and help process, supporting parents in the initial transition, going over newborn care, having a meal prepared when they get home, etc.

– She discusses the importance of a postpartum plan: who is coming by when, how long they’re staying, what food you’ll be eating, etc.

-Molly’s recommendations:  Take a childbirth education course (it doesn’t have to be at a hospital), read Penny Simpkin’s The Birth Partner, *affiliate link* look into Rachel Yellin for any type of hypnosis-based childbirth, work on visualization, and prepare for your “marathon” with nutrition, appropriate attire, and body work.

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