Ep 09: Kelley’s 5 Back-to-Back Homebirths, and Her Struggle With Postpartum Healing

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Warning: This episode contains topics that may be uncomfortable or difficult to hear as a pregnant mother.  Please be sure that you are emotionally prepared to discuss: maternal depletion, postpartum depression, nursing difficulties (inverted nipples) and cervical prolapse.

-Kelley has had 5 homebirths within a very short amount of time.

-Her first 3 births were in Connecticut, and she moved south weeks before her 4th child’s birth.

-Her midwife left for France, and she was attended by another midwife that she did not know well, though the birth went well.

-For her 5th birth, Kelley found a midwife that felt like her best friend.  She loved the experience, though she did not expect to be pregnant so soon.

-Kelley struggled with difficulty accepting her 5th pregnancy and not being able to feel bonded to her baby throughout the pregnancy.  She had hoped that her final baby would be a girl, but she learned early on that she would be having her 4th boy.

-Luckily, Kelley’s mother was able to be in town for her birth (she and her mom are incredibly close, and Kelley feels like her mom can read her mind during labor).

-With her 5th birth, she had a birth entourage: Lots of friends, her husband, her mom, a doula, her midwife and apprentices.  She felt very loved and supported, and she was finally able to have the water birth she had always hoped for.

-Once the baby was born, she put him on her chest.  When she looked him over, she realized… HE was a GIRL!  

-Kelley was so thrilled and shocked that her final baby was the girl she had hoped for.  She sent her mom shopping for girl clothes the next morning!

-Postpartum, Kelley struggled with inverted nipples.  She encourages women not to give up if they experience similar struggles.  She says that if you can make it through the first 6 weeks, you’ll be able to make it through anything else!

-12 hours after giving birth, Kelley realized she had a cervical prolapse.  She has been incredibly involved in pelvic floor physical therapy since that time.

-It took 12 weeks of bedrest to recover from her cervical prolapse, 6 of which she spent in Connecticut with her parents’ help.  

-Kelley recommends that anyone who has postpartum health issues to seek help and guidance.

-19 months later, Kelley is still nursing her little girl and continuing on her journey to recovery.  She is enjoying this new stage of life… not being pregnant!