Ep 102: A Thoughtful Approach to Conception, Pregnancy and Homebirth

You’re listening to the Happy Homebirth Podcast- Episode 102!

In today’s episode we’re speaking with Robyn Riley all about her journey to having her first baby at home.


She decided that homebirth was the appropriate path for her well before she was pregnant– in fact, 10+ years before!  


Robyn and her husband met in their early 30’s, and they were both eager to settle down and start a family.  They decided to court for one year, and then if they were the right fit, they would get married and start a family immediately.


Robyn began preparing her body for conception well ahead of time.  She cleaned up her diet and supplemented with important nutrients like Iodine.

As soon as they were married, Robyn and her husband began attempting to conceive.  During the second month, Robyn became pregnant!


Her husband was away on a job interview trip (they were hoping to move from Brussels to Canada) when she found out, and she decided to wait until he was home to tell him– it was incredibly difficult not to tell him on the phone!


Once they moved to Canada, Robyn found a midwife.  She shared with her midwife that she was a Christian, and she was shocked and comforted to find out that her midwife shared her faith.  Robyn discusses how incredible this was– especially because this was the only midwife anywhere near her area!


Her pregnancy went very smoothly, and at the end, she began seeing a chiropractor and pelvic floor physiotherapist.


Robyn practiced pushing and stretching using a device called the Epi-No: https://www.epino.de/en/epi-no.html


During labor, Robyn found herself lying completely still- something she did not picture! Once her baby was born, she learned that he had a nuchal hand (a fist up next to his head), which she feels is the reason she needed to remain still.  Fortunately, Robyn did not tear.

She chose to use a protocol for the third stage of labor (pushing out the placenta) that requires the mother to stand up at 3 minutes after birth, cut the cord, and push out the placenta.  The belief is that this helps prevent postpartum hemorrhage: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/344429308_Expedient_Squatting_Third_Stage_technique_to_prevent_bleeding_at_birth


Robyn mentions how amazing her midwife was in the postpartum period.  Right as her son was born, the world went into Covid lockdown.  Her midwife visited daily, bringing soups and nourishing foods from Robyn’s church community.  She cared for Robyn and helped her immensely in what is such a critical phase.  


If you’d like to learn more about Robyn and her Youtube channel, follow along here:https://www.instagram.com/realrobynriley/

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