Ep 103:Emotional Midwifery Support, Homebirth Childbirth Education, and a More Intense Second Labor

You’re listening to Episode 103 of the Happy Homebirth podcast!


Today’s episode features Elena, who was interviewed previously in episode 46:https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/happy-homebirth/id1446934537?i=1000453404935


After having a hospital birth with her first daughter, Elena knew with her second pregnancy that she would be giving birth at home.  It took her several years to feel ready to have another child, but in the meantime she continued to prepare and educate herself even further regarding birth.


Once she became pregnant, Elena committed herself even further to her traditional diet and the practices of the Weston A. Price foundation.  Elena heard about Happy Homebirth through the Wise Traditions podcast (Katelyn was interviewed):


Elena followed along with the show, and when she found out that Happy Homebirth Academy was in the making, she decided to jump into the founding member’s group.


Other noteworthy aspects of Elena’s story:


Felt like she was in transition for several hours— later realized that she had a cervical lip.  Elena’s midwife eventually pushed the lip back during a contraction.

Soon after, Elena felt she needed to get out of the tub.  Instinctively she got into a squat and began to push.


Postpartum Elena had mastitis: Used phytolacca, belladonna homeopathic and steeped herbs to put on her breast, took sunflower lecithin