Ep 153: How to Keep Your Birth Space Sacred

In this episode we discuss how to keep your birth space sacred:

  1. Consider who you let in- take time prenatally to form deep connections
  2. Consider who you leave out- you may want your mom and mil and cousin, but is that a genuinely good idea?
  3. Consider how you set up- this might not matter to some, but may be more important to others
  4. Be on the same page with your spouse- this is sacred
  5. You’ve got to convince yourself or consistently remind yourself that it’s sacred
  6. If you treat your pregnancy journey as sacred, the birth will automatically flow from this
  7. Remember that postpartum is sacred, too.  Get on the same page about how those first minutes, hours and days will go.  Are you going to call your family asap?  Will you wait several hours or days?  When will visitors come by?



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