Ep 152: Tough Births Can Be Empowering, Too!

What has more of an impact- the exact details of your labor, or the way you feel you were treated throughout? 


This week we’re speaking with Katelynn Bolt, a mother whose births were both difficult, yet she was left feeling quite differently about herself and her experience based on her care providers and support.

*I’ll be taking a little winter break from releasing episodes.  This will be the last episode I release in 2021, as I plan to take some time off in December and January to focus on some other aspects of Happy Homebirth.*

Reviewer of the Week- KatelonVB

The BEST ever!!

I started listening to this after I found you on Instagram!  I have neber been pregnant but I have always been intrested in natural birth and home birth.  This is SUCH a good tool for new moms, moms that want something different, or even women that aren’t expecting yet but hope to start a family in the near future (that’s me) lol.  As my older sister said, “knowledge is power!”  You can’t learn enough about what your body is capable of doing and how it naturally knows what to do and when to do it!  Katelyn, I love this podcast and what you’re doing to try to help turn birth back to what it used to be.  It is my first thing I look forward to listening to and makes Mondays awesome!  I will forever be listening and hopefully someday soon can put the knowledge to use!  Thank you!!!

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Episode Roundup

What a wonderful journey Katelynn shared with us.  As we head into this week’s episode roundup, I really just want to expound upon the opening question:  What has more of an impact- the exact details of your labor, or the way you feel you were treated throughout? 


As I’ve said many times before, we cannot control the outcomes of our birth.  Though we can prepare and set the odds in our favor for a smooth, uncomplicated labor, that can never be promised.  However, part of preparation is choosing a team that you trust and who knows you, understands you, and supports you at the deepest level.  Katelynn’s second birth was difficult, yes, but she knew that she had options, she was the choice maker on her team, and she was surrounded by people who loved her, trusted her and respected her wishes.  And that makes all the difference.



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