Ep 156: A ”Stale Crunchy” Homebirth

When you picture homebirth mothers, what image comes to mind?  Do you imagine the totally crunchy, completely alternative health mom who’s making her own bone broth and sourdough?  Although I may be “that” mother, one thing I love about the homebirth community is that, although we often have much in common, this group is diverse and brings many viewpoints.  For example, today we’ll be speaking with Gabby and Daniel, a homebirth family who self-describes as “stale crunchy”.  So kind of crunchy, kind of not.  It’ll be so great to hear how they approached their first homebirth after two hospital births.


Episode Roundup:

  1. I appreciated how Gabby and Daniel were considerate of the feelings of their two sons when it came to the involvement in the birth process.  They didn’t force their involvement, but met each son where he was and allowed home to be involved to the extent he was comfortable.  It’s so neat to be able to share this experience with your kids when that’s what they want, but remembering that each child is an individual and has his or her own preferences is critical.
  2. We can hold expectations for when and how our baby will arrive all we want, but just like Gabby did with her expectations of labor itself, it’s important to remember that we’ve got to hold all of these ideas of when and how with an open hand.  I remember being so certain that my second daughter would arrive several days before 40 weeks that when she was 3 days after, I was almost frustrated at the wait.  Every gestation is different, so if we can try to keep the expectations vague, it may make for a smoother end of pregnancy.
  3. And finally, let us remember that we were divinely made for this work of giving birth.  Gabby described herself to me as a wimpy stale crunchy mom who had a homebirth— and she says that should be great encouragement that you can do it, too!  And though I see nothing wimpy in Gabby’s story, I think she brings up such an important point.  Your background, your preferences, your previous experiences with pain and endurance— none of those things should deter you from giving birth physiologically if that is what you desire.  You were made for this, and you hold far more strength than you know. 



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