Ep 158: Farmhouse on Boone: Lisa’s Homebirth Journey

Once you’ve had 6 babies, 4 of which were at home— you pretty much know everything there is to know about birth, right?


This week we’re speaking with Lisa Bass of Farmhouse on Boone to hear all about her most recent birth.  Lisa shares some of the new insights she gained during this pregnancy and labor preparation, and sheds tons of wisdom throughout her explanation of how she began having home births in the first place.  Lisa is a wealth of wisdom when it comes to homemaking and wholesome living, and it’s such a joy to have her on today’s podcast episode. 


Episode Roundup:

  1. Relaxation is the key, and it looks different for everyone.  What has helped you cope during labor?  For some, it’s touch, it’s your spouse holding your hand, it’s the encouraging words of a doula.  For others, it’s quiet.  Complete calm, and being alone to focus inward.  So many stories are shared where there’s lots of interaction, I’m glad to hear Lisa share how for her, less is more.
  2. I loved the encouragement that Lisa gave regarding labor and motherhood in general:  The empowering recognition that you CAN do it.  You can do the research, you can advocate for yourself and your family… you don’t need a fancy degree to dig in and understand what’s going on… you CAN make informed decisions for your family.
  3. And finally, it doesn’t matter whether it’s your first or fifteenth birth, there’s always something new to learn.  Lisa spent several weeks leading up to her birth listening to positive birth stories, and even gained new insight regarding transition.  And during this labor, she was able to relax through the pressure- something she’d never been able to do before.


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