Ep 36: The Transformative Nature of Birth

Is there anything more transformative than birth?  Than being reborn as a mother for the first, second, or sixth time?  For so many, birth is a catalyst into the next phase of life- not only on the maternal front, but also on the passion and career front.

This is exactly what happened to Stefanie.  After experiencing her own birth with midwives, she was set on fire with a passion for women and babies.  She became a Lamaze instructor, a midwife’s assistant, and a doula.  How amazing!  During today’s episode, we discuss this transformation and the birth stories that caused this shift.

Show Notes:

    • Stefanie found out she was pregnant with her first child the same week she and her husband had moved from New York to Atlanta.  She knew exactly where she would give birth in New York, but had to search for a care provider now that she was in a completely different location.
    • Luckily, Stefanie found a supportive midwife group in one of the local hospitals. She enjoyed her experience with the midwives, and was grateful for their recommendation of hiring a doula for her labor.
    • Stefanie’s first labor was arduous and full of back pain with a baby who was in the posterior position for most of labor. It was quite a long one, spanning 24 hours, so her doula came in handy.
    • Stefanie dilated to 8cm…. and then remained there for 8 hours. She spent much of her time in the shower (accidentally flooding the room at one point!). She was quick to acknowledge that had she not been with the midwives, it’s very likely that she would have ended up with a c-section.
    • Finally, even though baby was very high and she was at an 8, her midwives encouraged her to try pushing. They tried every position imaginable, and amazingly, after 2.5 hours, her baby was born!
    • Stefanie did struggle with some postpartum anxiety after her first child.
    • With her second pregnancy, she thought, “That went so well last time- why don’t we just do it at home?!”
    • Between the two births, Stefanie had become a doula, a midwife’s assistant, and a Lamaze instructor. She knew exactly who she wanted to have attend her birth.
    • With her second birth, she realized she was in early labor at about 6:20 one evening. She was grateful that her husband was almost home.  He got home and began to take care of their toddler while Stefanie went to take a bath.
    • Suddenly, her labor took quite an intense turn. She called her midwife to let her know that she was in early labor.  Upon Stefanie’s call, her midwife said she was on her way over, though Stephanie felt certain she was still only in early labor.
    • She was not. She decided to check herself…and only got about a knuckle deep before running into the baby’s head.
    • Luckily, her midwife arrived quickly. She got out of the tub and onto the toilet, facing backwards. Suddenly her water broke, and her midwife told her she needed to turn around… neither Stefanie or her midwife could catch a baby in that position!
    • Stefanie’s baby was born very quickly at this point—in less than the amount of time it took her to push with her first baby, she labored and had her second!
    • Stefanie’s doula business is a 2-person group, which was inspired by a former interviewee, Madeline Murray. Check out her episode here!


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