Ep 41: Giving Birth to Twins… at Home

Show Notes:

Under what circumstances would you decide to give birth at home?  In the hospital?

Today’s episode explores this idea, as we delve into Rhiannon’s birth stories.  Rhiannon experienced two lackluster hospital births, one of which was very aggressive in nature. 

It was at this point that she decided to learn more about birth.  After finding out she was pregnant with her third, Rhiannon reached out to a midwife.  She was so excited to begin care… until she found out she was pregnant with twins.  What would she do now?

Listen in to hear how Rhiannon handled this interesting situation.

After Rhiannon’s twin birth, she became pregnant one more time.  With this baby, surely she’d have a homebirth.  Unfortunately, as labor approached, Rhiannon began bleeding and realized quite quickly that she was in an emergent situation.  She headed to the hospital to receive the care she needed.

Today’s episode is full of ups and downs.  Rhiannon’s positivity and encouragement are a light through it all!


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