Ep 54: The Woke RN’s Journey to Homebirth

For those of you who have had more than one birth, I’m curious to know…. How have you changed between experiences?  Have you experienced small, subtle changes over time, or has your world view vastly pivoted? 


Today’s guest, Kameren Moore, also goes by The Woke RN.  Kameren had her first baby 14 years ago, and at that time was very comfortable with the medical establishment and felt that she was in good hands. 


As the years have progressed, however, Kameren’s opinions on western medicine and traditional health care have drastically shifted, and these realizations/opinions greatly influenced how she decided to give birth, especially with her most recent baby.


From Pitocin and epidurals to a CBD unassisted birth, routine vaccines to ex-vaxxer, Kameren has, as she describes it, woken up to a different, more empowering way of life.  I can’t wait for you to listen in.


Now, I want to make something clear.  This show is not only for hippies, it’s not only for non-vaxxers and the like.  I know we have a diversity of listeners, and I appreciate that.  You certainly do not have to agree with every aspect and choice that Kameren makes to appreciate the fact that she is one powerful, thoughtful woman who cares deeply about her family and their health.  However, I personally would like for you to be open-minded about the information Kameren is sharing, and if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me, or I’m sure she’d be happy for you to contact her as well. 


Please remember that the opinions of my guests might not necessarily reflect my own and vice versa, and neither one of us are acting as medical providers on this podcast, so be sure to continue to see your doctor, midwife, or if you’re like me, your chiropractor.  Sit back and enjoy my discussion with Kameren, the Woke RN.


Episode roundup:


Here’s the biggie I took away from this episode, and it can be all boiled down into one amazing word.  Any guesses? 

Ownership.  Own. Your.  Birth.  I don’t care where or how you’re giving birth, this is YOUR birth.  You decide what happens and how it happens.  I loved hearing how Kameren gained this understanding of ownership throughout her birthing experience and even ended up having and owning her unassisted freebirth.  Ownership doesn’t mean that everything goes right.  I mean, we’re humans living in a broken world.  Things don’t always go perfectly, whether you’re in the hospital or at home.  So ownership is understanding that—and still doing all that you can to educate and prepare yourself for whatever birthing setting you choose. 


And the last point I want to make, which is somewhat of a bonus point, is Kameren’s discussion of fear-clearing.  Another huge aspect of the mindful homebirth formula.  We’ve got to clear our fears (through education) to allow space for all of the good emotions.  If you’re excited to dive into this more, be sure you have downloaded my free Mini Course, The Happy Homebirth Essentials Mini Course.