Ep 61: Wild Pregnancy, Wild Freebirth

How do you make strong, powerful decisions…and stand by them?


Dr. Kayla and her husband Anthony, before even beginning to try to conceive, felt they had been called to have a freebirth or unassisted childbirth.  Of course, this group is a tiny percent within the tiny percent of moms who give birth at home within the tiny percent of moms who give birth out of hospital.  So… about as niche as you can get. 

Yet even though it was their first birth, they felt strongly about their decision and knew it was what they were meant to do.  Listen in to hear how they approached both their wild pregnancy and wild birth.


Show Notes

  • After having a vision of a spirit baby, Dr. Kayla felt called to look into unassisted birth, which she’d never even heard of before.
  • She decided to have an unassisted pregnancy and birth, or wild birth.
  • She and her husband were very strong in their decision and made clear boundaries for those around them
  • She enjoyed speaking to several peers about her decision to have a freebirth. She felt that she was able to learn from them, and they were able to understand the importance of connection from her.
  • Her labor was rather short, though she was very active through it (squatting and walking around the entire time)
  • She timed her contractions originally by singing a song and seeing how long they took—I love this idea!
  • Although they had no care providers, they did hire a birth photographer.
  • Her husband was an incredible support- he always seemed to know what she needed right before she needed it
  • At one point she went into the bathroom alone to cry and pray. She came out feeling a surge of adrenaline.
  • Soon she realized she had a cervical lip, so after asking a friend what to do, he husband pulled her belly towards her chin for one contraction. This did the trick.
  • She then went into the bathroom again with her husband this time. They cried, he prayed over her, then they laughed together.  When she came out, another surge of adrenaline.
  • She tried pushing once, but it felt wrong. She decided to wait…. But immediately she felt the fetal ejection reflex and baby’s head emerged while she was in a deep squat.  Her husband caught the baby as he was falling back somewhat into the fireplace. 
  • Kayla was in such a euphoric state that she had an out of body experience.
  • She mentions that she’s never felt so incredible in all of her life.


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Episode Roundup:

So many takeways from this episode.  It was such a deep, sweet story, and I love hearing Kayla share her heart.  She gave me chills with her sweet connection to her husband and baby.

The biggest takeaway from this episode for me? 


Dr. Kayla took her decision to have a wild pregnancy and wild birth seriously.  She wasn’t just leaving things up to chance—she did much preparation both mentally, physically and spiritually.  She was involved with a group of other women who had chosen the same style of birth as her, and she continued her education and connection with these women as well.


I love women who take full responsibility of their birthing decisions.  No matter what those decisions are—be it a hospital, a home, with a room full of people or all alone… stepping into motherhood in an empowered way will change our world. 



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