Ep 85: A Midwife’s Homebirth

A midwife’s homebirth… it should be easy, right?  I mean, come on… you’re a pro at this!


Madeline, like so many other midwives, shares just how incorrect that assumption can be with the birth story of her second baby.  


Show Notes:

After experiencing a LONG, arduous labor with her first child, Madeline decided to prepare differently for the birth of her second child.


She saw a new chiropractor


She focused on visualizations


She took Happy Homebirth Academy


She learned to release her pelvic floor (accounts to follow will be linked at the end)


Madeline did all that she could to prepare herself for a faster, calmer, more peaceful birthing experience.


However, “peace” is not the description Madeline would use for her second birth.  Peaceful as a tornado, maybe!


Madeline’s fast and furious birth left both her midwife and mother brains reeling.  Her mind couldn’t keep up with her body, as her body forcefully produced her new daughter.


Episode Roundup:


Although I love the idea of having a peaceful homebirth, and I think it’s an important desire to discuss, Madeline’s experience has taught me just how important it is to emphasize the empowerment of birth, not only it’s potential peacefulness.  No matter how you do it: fast, slow, loud, quiet…. bring a baby from inside of you, out… that’s incredible.  










  1. Leslie Cornwell, CNM on August 13, 2020 at 5:18 pm

    Loved this podcast. I feel honored to have connected with Katelyn and Madeline. These are some awesome ladies making some great change in woman’s choices. It was very humbling to have my name mentioned in this talk. If anyone wants more information about Midwifery Business Consultation, please visit our website: http://www.midwiferybusinessconsultation.com.
    Will keep listening to these inspiring stories, Leslie Cornwell, CNM