Ep 95: From Postpartum Psychosis to Postpartum Bliss

You’re listening to episode 95 of the Happy Homebirth Podcast!


Show Notes:

Although Angelique looked forward to her first birth (she planned a homebirth from the beginning) her labor experience did not go as planned.  Both her midwife and her backup midwife were attending other births at the time she went into labor.  Her labor was intense and felt fast– she never felt like she could catch up with the contractions.  A third midwife arrived before her son was born, but not long before.


Angelique’s postpartum was devastatingly hard.  She and her husband were functioning on almost zero sleep, and although she tried to explain the situation to others, people were not realizing just how serious the issues they were experiencing were.  This lack of sleep turned into hallucinations and terrifying thoughts for Angelique.  Eventually she and her husband came up with a way for Angelique to get more sleep, and although she didn’t fully recover until about a year after, things did begin to get better.


Everything was different with her second baby!  Angelique had a beautiful experience, and went into labor right after a tornado came through–knocking out the power.  It was a gorgeous day, though, and a birth surrounded by all of the people she wanted there.  Her second baby was born peacefully, and she had a blissful postpartum experience the second time around.