Whether you’ve given birth at home fifteen times, you’re pregnant with your first and searching for homebirth information, or you’re dreaming of your future birth…. Welcome.  This community was designed with you in mind: a go-to weekly podcast for homebirth stories and support.

Through this podcast,  you will be entering the most sacred of spaces.  The women interviewed have selflessly decided to share the most intimate details of their birthing time.  Why?  As homebirth mothers, we hope to inspire and encourage other women in the realm of childbearing: to give accurate homebirth information to the public. Because there are so many misunderstandings about the why’s and how’s of this far too rare practice, it is the goal of this podcast to expose the beauty, safety and intimacy of giving birth at home.

This image depicts a laboring mother leaning over her dresser with her husband supporting her- giving viewers accurate homebirth information

Often times in our modern culture, birth is described as terrifying, painful and something to be deeply feared.  For many women who give birth at home, however, this is far from the actual experience.

Birth can be gentle, intimate and empowering.  It can awaken one’s soul in a new and shocking way.  Why are the stories of fearless women claiming their maternal instinct not being shared?  Why is it so difficult to find accurate homebirth information? This must change.

As a pregnant woman for the first time, I was lucky enough to pick up a copy of the incredible book Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth (affiliate link).  Ina May, in her vast wisdom, recognized that the importance of reading positive birth stories was equal to, perhaps even above, the how-to advice of giving birth.  She provides dozens of beautiful stories from women who understood the importance of passing along their triumphant experiences.  I remember reaching for that well-worn book in moments of uncertainty and worry throughout my pregnancy.  Reading the stories of the women who had gone before me was my own version of affirmation. This brand was built to be your homebirth affirmation.

New to the idea of homebirth? Start with this podcast episode!