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Happy Homebirth is a brand and podcast dedicated to inspiring and explaining how to have a homebirth. The goal? To provide a source of continuous support, encouragement and education for women considering giving birth in the comfort of their own homes. This is a safe space for our community to ban together, celebrate our successes, cherish our stories and find other like-minded women to lean on. 

Happy Homebirth is a shout from the mountaintops:  You deserve to know all of your options!   You deserve to know that a safe, mindful peaceful birth (at home) is possible for you. So often women are made to think they have no choice in the matter of birth.  That stops now.

Uncertain of anything beyond the walls of the hospital, 98% of women are giving birth in the cold, florescent lights of a building dedicated to sickness.  Happy Homebirth exists as a lighthouse for the women of our generation.  No, giving birth at home is certainly not for everyone, but every woman deserves to know that it is often a safe alternative to the typical impersonal care given in over-crowded hospitals.

You are here because you want the birth of your child to be remembered as the most peaceful, special day of your life.  Happy Homebirth is for you.

How to have a homebirth

Home Birth vs. 'Homebirth'

Oh, it’s not a typo– it’s intentional.  And you can feel it, can’t you?  There’s quite a difference between home birth and homebirth.  Home – space – birth is far too incidental.  These words could have ended up side by side by happenstance, for all we know.  But homebirth?  Oh, that’s a choice.  That’s an intimate decision to marry two of the most important, loving, maternal words.   

Being a homebirther is the proud and honorable badge we nobly wear together.