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Happy Homebirth provides you with support, encouragement and education in all things homebirth and motherhood.
Want to know the must-haves for a happy homebirth?

You Know That Giving Birth Has The Potential To Be One Of The Most Empowering, Transformative Experiences Of Your Lifetime.

You’ve heard the term ‘homebirth’, and it’s intrigued you… However Between your mother-in-law’s birth stories, your hairstylist’s insistence that you’ve GOT to have that epidural, and the general fear-based culture regarding birth has you feeling insecure about the process. You’ve Googled your options, you’ve joined 10 Facebook mom groups, and after all of the mixed messages you’ve received, you’re not sure whether you should schedule a cesarean or give birth in a yurt in Hawaii!

What If I Told You

That preparing for your homebirth could be a peaceful, beautiful experience? What if you had access to a community of supportive mothers at your fingertips, a library of birthing stories to peruse at your convenience, and a step-by-step guide to prepare you for the homebirth of your dreams?

What if you had a friend who has walked the path before, supported others on the path, then shouted back to the masses to show them where the path actually begins?

Hey, I’m Katelyn Fusco!

With two homebirths under my belt, experience as a midwife apprentice, and after interviewing 100+ homebirth moms on the Happy Homebirth podcast, I’m here to help you navigate your pregnancy, homebirth and postpartum with confidence, peace and excitement. Whether you’re simply dipping your toe into the idea of natural childbirth or you’re ready to dive into the refreshing waters of the homebirth deep end, I’m here to hold your hand (and your hair) and help you prepare every aspect of your experience.

Woah, Woah, Woah. Back Up, Katelyn. Is Homebirth Even Safe?!

I’m thrilled that you asked, and thrilled to tell you what research is finding again and again: Giving birth at home is incredibly safe for low risk mothers (which is 90% of us!). We’ve got tons of resources on this. Want to know more? Start with these 3 podcast episodes (before you binge on the rest):

Whether you’re already convinced that it’s time to #givebirthonyourturf or you’re just excited to hear what this whole homebirth movement is about, you’re in the right place! We’re thrilled that you’re here.

Home Birth vs. Homebirth?

Oh, it’s not a typo– it’s intentional. And you can feel it, can’t you? There’s quite a difference between home birth and homebirth. Home – space – birth is far too incidental. These words could have ended up side by side by happenstance, for all we know. But homebirth? Oh, that’s a choice. That’s an intimate decision to marry two of the most important, loving, maternal words.
Being a homebirther is the proud and honorable badge we nobly wear together.

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